Ticket Prices

C.H. Flowers will charge admission for the following events:

Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Wrestling, Lacrosse, & Tournaments.

Ticket Prices for all regular season games are $5

On-Line Tickets -are available for select events at TICKETSPICKET.COM

*Children 7 and under FREE

*Volleyball/Basketball typically JV followed by Varsity -one time fee $5

Typical start days/times: (subject to change)

JV Basketball (Tues/Fri) 5:30pm
Varsity Basketball (Tues/Fri) 7:15pm
Wrestling (Wed) 5:30pm
JV Football (Thur & Sat) 6:30pm/9:30am
Varsity Football (Fri) 7:00pm
Soccer (Monday/Thur) 3:30pm
Softball (Monday/Wednesday) 4:30pm
Baseball (Tues/Thur) 4:30pm
Tennis 4:30pm
Lacrosse (Monday/Thur) 5:30pm